Bio-One of Montgomery decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal in Montgomery, AL

Bio-One of Montgomery Helps Homeowners With Cigarette Smoke Odor Removal in Montgomery, AL

Cigarette smell removal in Montgomery, AL is a challenging task - you may search the internet for solutions - but we promise you...most of those solutions simply won't work!

Bio-One of Montgomery is the River Region's leader in odor removal. Bio-One specializes in things like biohazard cleanup (dead body odors, animal feces, etc), hoarder house cleanup and sewage backups - all HUGE sources of foul odors.

Cigarette smoke odor is no different - and believe it or not, this odor is more challenging to eliminate than dead body odor.

However, Bio-One achieves this goal for customers on a weekly basis, and we would love to help you as well.

Our cigarette odor removal process goes like this:

  • Come to your home for a free estimate
  • Send you a comprehensive, line-by-line estimate that is easy to understand
  • Eliminate the actual source of the odor first, and remove all non-cleanable soft items
  • Thermal fogging, chlorine and filtration treatments before we begin
  • Washing all surfaces with our proprietary chemical mixture to remove odor-causing molecules
  • Secondary fogging and vapor treatment
  • Deliver you your smell-free home

Call us today at 334-523-9191 - we serve Montgomery, Millbrook, Prattville, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Alexander City, Selma, Greenville and everywhere in between.

We also have local offices in Birmingham and Huntsville, and serve the entire state of Alabama.

Rebecca Wallace, Bio-One owner, recently visited with Arizona Midday to share how the Bio-One team makes a difference on and off the job in Arizona and throughout the United States. 

Arizona Midday - "Well we've got some help for your home right now. If you're feeling overwhelmed by a clean-up project, we've got help for you today. Rebecca Wallace is with Bio-One. Hi Rebecca. What is Bio-One?"

Rebecca - "So Bio-One is known for crime and trauma scene clean-up. However, we do a lot more than just that. We help people when there is a hoarding situation, so that they can regain their home and their lives again. We help with infectious disease decontaminationrodent droppingsodor abatement, basically if you think you might need a respirator to do the job we're the people you want to call."

Arizona Midday - "Wow, that's incredible. It's stuff we don't want to do. What made you decide to get into this line of work?" 

Rebecca - "So, me and my husband live in Flagstaff most of the time and we were talking with some first responders and heard how when people pass away or they're hoarders there is no one that can help them. There's just no one who does this kind of work. So we decided we want to be able to help our community, help those around us during a time of need so they can actually move forward in their lives and not have to deal with the mess of maybe things that have happened that they don't want to have to think about."

Arizona Midday - "I love that idea. So in order to help your clients as much as possible, do you work with other companies? Tell me about that if you do."

Rebecca - "Yes, we do. We work with quite a few other companies, because what we do is just a piece of a whole puzzle. So we work with a lot of restoration companies, Best Option Restoration, they are state-wide like us so they can help us anywhere as well. We work with animal rescues, so if there is a hoarding situation that animals are involved in we can get the animals out safely and get them rehabilitated. We work with quite a few non-profits that help first responders if they're in a time of need or crisis. It's across the board. We work with all kinds of different people. Contractors. Mental health professionals. Anyone that can be a piece of that puzzle with us, we want to work with them. 

Arizona Midday - "Oh, I love that. So what areas of Arizona does Bio-One cover?"

Rebecca - "We have offices all the way down from Tucson up to Flagstaff, and everything in-between. Our goal is to be able to help our clients within 90 minutes or less if there is an emergency. So we have offices everywhere. Any we're national. We have 120 offices throughout the US as well. 

Arizona Midday - "Wow. That's incredible. So you work with businesses. You work with non-profits, but you're also really involved in the community too, right? Tell me about that."

Rebecca - "Yeah we are. It's important for us to give back. Our community is important. We live here. We're part of it. So in 2020 alone, we gave out over 25,000 bottles of chemicals that are approved by the EPA for COVID-19 decontamination. We have blood drives all throughout Arizona to help with the blood shortage. We donate PPE to first responders and victim advocates. And we have BBQ's throughout the state as well for all of our first responders just to tell them thank you for what they've been doing. They work hard and we want to make sure that they know we care. 

Arizona Midday - "Rebecca Wallace, incredible work that you're doing with Bio-One.  And thank you so much for spending time with us today. 

Rebecca - "Thank you for having me."