Bio-One of Montgomery decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Top 5 Best Mold Removal Companies in Montgomery, AL

Bio-One of Montgomery helps homeowners with all types of mold removal and mold remediation services in the Montgomery area.

There are many misconceptions and unknowns when it comes to mold, and Bio-One is here to answer your questions.

Mold isn't always dangerous, but sometimes it is.

If you see something that looks like mold, or smell something moldy or musty, or are experiencing respiratory issues when inside your home - you may want to consider calling Bio-One to come check it out for you.

Our estimates are 100% free.

When Bio-One comes to your home to assess it for a mold problem, we will:

  • Determine the cause
  • Check for leaks/water intrusion
  • Check the attic and crawlpace
  • Measure moisture levels in the walls and air
  • Go over our process with you so you understand how we rid mold from your home
  • Provide you with an affordable, written estimate

Many companies will push you for services that aren't necessary - Bio-One's mold removal services are affordable, and we stand by our work.

Call Bio-One today at (334) 523-9191 - located locally in Montgomery, with two other local offices in Birmingham and Huntsville, Bio-One offers mold remediation services in Montgomery, Auburn, Troy, Selma, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Pell City, Anniston, Cullman, Decatur, Florence, Huntsville, Scottsboro and everywhere in between.

Sewage backup clean up is one of the least fun activities any homeowner has to deal with. That's where Bio-One comes in!

Many people believe that the first person you should call when yo experience a sewage backup is a plumber - and that's true! Call your plumber! However, your plumber won't actually clean up the sewage mess that's leftover.

Hopefully, your sewage backup was contained to a bathtub or shower or toilet - but often, the raw sewage will backup and than spill onto your floors, seep behind walls, flood your home or crawlspace - or worse.

Bio-One is Montgomery's local sewage cleanup specialist. Specializing in services such as crime scene cleanup, hoarding cleanup, odor removal and feces/urine cleanup, Bio-One's sewage cleanup services are second to none.

Some things to consider before attempting to clean up sewage yourself:

  • Sewage can harm you and your health - make sure you protect yourself with proper PPE.
  • Often, cleaning the surfaces (like flooring) is not enough - the sewage will seep underneath your flooring, and unless you get it all up from the subfloor, it won't be clean, and it will smell.
  • Sewage backup cleanup is covered by homeowner's insurance - and your insurance will pay to cover the replacement of flooring, drywall, or anything else needing to be removed.
  • Regular cleaning chemicals won't eliminate odors.
  • Crawlspace cleanup often includes dirt removal, vapor barrier removal and more - let a professional help you.

After you call your plumber to solve the blockage issue, call Bio-One to help you with your sewage backup cleanup needs.

Located in Montgomery and serving all surrounding areas of Prattville, Selma, Auburn, Troy, Tuscaloosa and Greenville- Bio-One also has two other local offices in Huntsville and Birmingham- we serve all Alabamians.

Bio-One of Birmingham: 205-937-1708

Bio-One of Huntsville: 256-677-6111

Bio-One of Montgomery: 334-523-9191

Bio-One of Montgomery is the River Region's #1 compassionate resource for emergency suicide clean up.

Located in Montgomery, and serving Prattville, Wetumpka, Deatsville, Selma, Tuskegee, Pike Road, Auburn, Phenix City, Troy and all Central-South Alabama, Bio-One is here to help everyone in the time of need.

Whether your family has experienced a suicide, homicide, unattended death or other traumatic event or accident in a home, vehicle or elsewhere, Bio-One is here to help you.

Some people ask "Why would I need to hire a professional biohazard cleanup company when I can do it myself?" Here are some reasons:

  • Cleaning up after the death of a loved one is in itself traumatic - don't do that to yourself.
  • Cleaning a scene such as this can be complicated - can you properly disinfect all surfaces? Are you confident that bodily fluids didn't migrate beneath the flooring or baseboard?
  • Getting rid of unpleasant odors is tricky.
  • Some waste needs to be disposed of correctly.
  • Biohazard cleanup is covered by homeowner's insurance, so it is probably free to you anyway.

When searching online for a company that offers emergency suicide cleanup, be careful of many non-local companies who advertise in the Prattville area - many are just lead generating websites that will match you with a water restoration company who has no experience with this type of clean up.

Make sure to call Bio-One for any questions you have. We are local, compassionate and can respond now.

Bio-One of Montgomery

3066 Zelda Road, #418

Montgomery, AL 36106

(334) 523-9191


Bio-One is Montgomery's affordable mold expert.

Whether you are located in Montgomery, Prattville, Auburn, Selma, Troy or anywhere in between, Bio-One is here to safely and affordably get rid of the mold problems within your home, office, vehicle, or anywhere!

There are a lot of misconceptions about mold, such as:

  • All mold is the same
  • All mold is dangerous
  • No mold should ever be in your home
  • Mold and mildew are the same
  • Mold can be killed with bleach


Bio-One is not here to scare homeowners with mold. As described above - not all mold is dangerous, but some of it is. And the most common shock we here is the realization that mold cannot be treated with bleach - that's right, bleach WILL NOT GET RID of mold in your home.

That is what it is important to hire a mold remediation professional to take care of the issue. When you call Bio-One, here is what will happen:

  • A real life human being with our company will answer the phone
  • One of our specialists will come out to your home - for free - and assess the situation
  • Bio-One will send you a written estimate - which will be more affordable than most water restoration companies
  • Once on the job, we will contain our work areas
  • Utilize negative pressure environments to ensure no spore spreading in your home
  • Neatly cut out any drywall or materials which cannot be cleaned
  • HEPA vacuum all surfaces
  • Chemically treat all contaminated surfaces with chemicals that will kill and inhibit mold growth
  • Get rid of set-in stains
  • Seal wood
  • Return your home back to normal

There is a lot more involved with mold remediation than "just spraying some bleach on it."

Call the professionals at Bio-One to help you today: (334) 523-9191

Bio-One has three local offices in Alabama, and serves the entire State:

  • Bio-One of Montgomery: (334) 523-9191 /
  • Bio-One of Birmingham: (205) 937-1708 /
  • Bio-One of Huntsville: (256) 677-6111 / www,

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Bio-One Inc. is the first crime and trauma scene cleaning franchise with over 125 locations.
Each location is owned and operated locally by caring members of their respective
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Sandi Ellis
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Bio-One Cleans Up Bat Poop In Your Attic Or Anywhere It Exists!

Bio-One, Alabama's premier biohazard cleanup company with offices in MontgomeryHuntsville and Birmingham, is here to help you clean up animal waste. Aside from our services such as Crime Scene Cleanup, Homicide Cleanup, Suicide Cleanup, Unattended Death Cleanup, Mold Remediation, Feces Cleanup & Urine Cleanup, we also specialize in animal waste cleanup, rodent droppings cleanup and bat droppings/bat guano cleanup.

Bats living in your attic are actually a very common occurrence here in Alabama, and their poop is unsafe and must be sanitized correctly. 

Often, homeowners won't find out about animal droppings in their attics or crawlspaces until they get ready to sell their home and an inspector finds the evidence. We encourage you to call Bio-One for a free estimate so that we can go over the different treatment options to bring your attic, home and breathable air back to safe conditions. 

Call our Montgomery Office at 334-523-9191, our Huntsville office at 256-677-6111 or Birmingham office at 205-937-1708. 











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Every month, we get anywhere from 2-10 people inquiring how to become a Crime Scene Technician, and if we are hiring. 

The great thing about working with Bio-One, we train our technicians and put them through all of the training they need to properly clean a crime scene. Jake, is the franchise owner for Bio-One's Huntsville, Birmingham, and Montgomery offices and he is also a certified trainer for the Bio-One Franchise, so we can train our technicians and get them certified once they are hired. There is classroom training, tests online, and on the job training that gets each tech confident on how to go into a scene and tackle it in a proficient and safe way. There are also specialized certifications online that we can help you apply for.

When interviewing a potential technician, we mainly look for certain qualities and traits. Our technicians must be honest, efficient, professional, empathetic, respectful, punctual, possess common sense, possess strong integrity, and last but not least- compassionate. Dealing with families who just suffered the worst loss of their lives, our technicians have to possess those qualities.

For our line of work, we also need technicians who are flexible and willing to work at all hours of the night, weekends, and sometimes holidays. Crime and trauma does not take a break after 5 p.m. during the week and does not stop on the weekends and holidays. Availability is also important since we never know when an important emergency call will come in, so being available to get to a job within the hour is a requirement.

Types of Services we provide:

Suicide/Homicide Cleanup -

Odor Removal - Undiscovered Death Cleanup - Blood Cleanup/Biohazard - Feces & Bodily Fluid Cleanup - Mold Remediation - Rodent Dropping Cleanup - Hoarding Cleanup - Junk Removal - Hazardous Waste Removal - Disinfections - & more!

Requirements for the job:

  • Lift 50+ pounds.
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Stand, kneel, & lift frequently
  • Work in harsh conditions; extreme heat/cold
  • Customer service oriented
  • Be able to work in tight spaces.(Crawlspaces, attics, etc)
  • Handle emotional/traumatic situations.
  • Pass a drug test
  • Be available on-call
  • Have a clean background.

This job is not for everyone. We see more than what the average person sees. Blood, feces (human and animal), suicides, homicides, shootings, hoarder's homes in the utmost worst conditions are all things we see on a daily basis. A weak stomach and/or mind need not apply.


We have a job to do- we go in with professionalism and empathy and make the horrific scene disappear. Hoarding jobs are very hard work but seeing how the residence looks after we are finished from where it started is extremely satisfying for us and our clients.


We may be hiring in the near future - so if you possess those qualities and can take on the responsibility of being 'on call'- give us a call!


Rodent Droppings In Your Attic - Bio-One Helps Alabamians With This Cleanup

It may not be something you think about, but if find yourself calling your pest control expert to come rid your attic of critters....well, those critters also leave behind a mess that most pest control companies don't clean up.


That's right - typically your local exterminator will only rid your home of the rodent problem - but they won't clean up their droppings or urine.


The droppings and urine from rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, bats, raccoons and birds are common in attics and actually very dangerous.


The main danger comes from the accidental inhalation of the droppings' particulates - which can cause someone to contract hantavirus, histoplasmosis and other infections and diseases. Without the proper PPE and know-how, any homeowners will endanger themselves if they try to clean this up alone. 


Bio-One is Alabama's #1 rodent droppings and critter feces cleanup company. Bio-One is a Biohazard Remediation services, specializing not only in this type of cleanup, but also hoarding cleanup, crime scene cleanup, meth lab cleanup, odor removal, mold remediation, sewage backup cleanup and much more. 


With three local offices in Alabama - Huntsville, Birmingham and Montgomery, Bio-One is Alabama's local leader in this type of service.


Call your local Bio-One today!


Huntsville:        256-677-6111

Birmingham:    205-937-1708

Montgomery:   334-523-9191


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Honest & Affordable Mold Removal Services in Montgomery, AL

When most people hear the word "Mold," their first thought is typically - RUN! or THAT'LL BE EXPENSIVE!


Neither are true.


Mold removal is actually pretty straightforward, not scary, and not usually expensive unless it's an extreme situation.


Bio-One of Montgomery is here to help homeowners throughout the River Region with any mold issue. We offer 100% free estimates, and will be up front with you on the entire process, the costs and the timing.


Bio-One serves all of Montgomery, Prattville, Millbrook, Selma, Tuscaloosa, Alexander City, Tuskegee, Auburn, Opelika, Columbus GA, Greenville, Dothan, Troy and all surrounding areas.


We also have an office in Birmingham, and another in Huntsville to serve those in those areas.


Call Bio-One today for any questions you have on mold: 334-523-9191


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Many Emergency Clean Up Companies Aren't Local To Alabama - Bio-One Is 

The roots of crime- and trauma-scene cleaning companies can be traced to the 1990s, and at that time only a dozen or so companies existed. The industry was widely unregulated and awareness of contamination risks were relatively non-existant.


"I was young and dumb and saw something you only see in movies, so I quickly shut the door, took a deep breath, sat on the couch with the widow and told everyone else to get her out of here and take her to lunch, and we’ll clean this up for her," said Nick-Anthony Zamucen, Founder of Bio-One Inc. "We were just trying to help a lady in her greatest time of need, and that’s for me how I got into the crime scene and cleaning business."  


Today, there are hundreds of companies that advertise crime and trauma scene cleaning, and a simple Google search may prove overwhelming when you're experiencing one of the most traumatic moments in your life. Bio-One, with three local offices in Alabama (Huntsville, Birmingham and Montgomery, is Alabama's true local expert).


Additionally, crime and trauma scene cleaning are not the only biohazards we clean - Bio-One also specializes in feces and urine cleanup, hoarding cleanup, mold remediation, sewage backup cleanup, odor removal, junk removal and others. 


To help, we've listed pre-qualifying questions to ask before choosing a crime and trauma scene company. 


Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaner

There are a number of key questions to ask crime and trauma scene cleaning technicians or business owners to properly root out which one is best for your goals and circumstances. 

  • Are you local? When there's a blood spill, response time is key to prevent biohazards from spreading and to ensure quick remediation. Several businesses may pay for online advertising in your city, but their technicians could be 3 or more hours away. Furthermore, avoid calling toll free numbers. "These numbers often lead to call centers. We're local. They're not." 
  • Is your business certified and insured? Professional crime and trauma scene cleaning companies should have bloodborne pathogen certifications, they should follow OSHA personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines and remediation processes, and they should have insurance for their business. 
  • What happens to valuable or personal items that are impacted? At Bio-One, we are trained to be mindful of valuable and perceived valuable items, such as pictures, wallets, or a baseball card collection. Professional crime and trauma scene cleaners should ask if there are valuable items to keep an eye out for, and they will keep the family informed if these items are found. 
  • How will you charge for your services? In most cases, home insurance will cover the cost of biohazard remediation - less your deductible. Ask if they can open a claim on your behalf, taking this burden off your shoulders. If you don't have homeowners insurance, it's OK to ask for a free estimate so you can compare costs between other local companies. 
  • Will you be discrete during and after the job? Jake Snavely, Bio-One owner in Huntsville, Birmingham and Montgomery, always assures her clients that discretion is top of mind while her team is onsite. Bio-One vehicles are unmarked and technicians will designate work areas to don and doff PPE out of view from neighbors. 
  • Do you have a list of resources that can help after the cleanup? You may need flooring replaced or fresh drywall installed, which will also be covered under your home insurance claim, and a recommendation could help speed up the reconstruction process. Additionally, many crime and trauma scene cleaners have connections with local counselors and victim's advocates. 


Last but certainly most important, make sure the business you speak with shows care and compassion for your situation. They should want to do everything possible to support you and your loved ones.

If you are searching for a family-owned, Alabama-local crime and trauma scene cleaner, Bio-One is here for you. All of our offices adhere to our business motto Help First, Business Second and are available 24/7. 


Call any one of our offices today:


Huntsville - 256-677-6111


Birmingham - 205-937-1708


Montgomery - 334-523-9191


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